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Icewine Food Pairings 2023


Celebrate Icewine Festival at Caroline Cellars January 14th & 15th and January 21st & 22nd from 11am to 4:30pm. We are offering different Icewine pairings each weekend. Each tasting consists of 2 pairings for only $15 per person.  Click “Icewine Festival Reservations”  below to book your spot!

Icewine Festival Reservations

January 14 & 15

*Vidal Icewine paired with Caramelized Pineapple Cheesecake
*Cabernet Franc Icewine paired with a Sweet Potato Round with Goat Cheese, Dried Cranberries and honey drizzle

January 21 & 22

* Riesling Icewine paired with Apple, Blue cheese & Fig Pastry
*Cabernet Sauvignon Icewine paired with Chocolate Blueberry Mousse

NEW ADDITION – January 28 & 29

*Vidal Icewine paired with Caramelized Pineapple Cheesecake
*Cabernet Sauvignon Icewine Paired with Chocolate Blueberry Mousse


In addition to these delicious pairings, all of our Icewines are on sale for unbeatable prices!!